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“LOVEboldly is one of the most important organizations defending LGBTQIA+ equality in Ohio right now. They are a thoughtful, strategic advocate at the statehouse speaking Truth to those in power that faith cannot be used as a sword against LGBTQIA+ people and reminding all what faith actually calls for—support, love, and compassion. 
But LOVEboldly is more than that; they are hope. So many LGBTQIA+ people have been harmed by religion in their personal journey of coming to terms with who they are and whom they love. LOVEboldly helps to restore what many have missed most since coming out: their faith. By helping to mend this cornerstone, LOVEboldly fosters healing to LGBTQIA+ people in profound ways that no other entity or organization is doing. I couldn’t be more grateful for LOVEboldly's renewed statewide presence at this harrowing moment for LGBTQIA+ people in Ohio.”

Alana Jochum

Policy Director

Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF)

Former Executive Director, Equality Ohio

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