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Bills that LOVEboldly is Monitoring

Occasionally, there are bills that are either outside LOVEboldly's scope or with which we have concerns, but for which we have not yet taken a stance. We monitor these bills with our strategic partners until such time as we decide to take a stance or our concerns are resolved.

LOVEboldly follows bills introduced in and processing through the Ohio General Assembly which involve the LGBTQIA+ community and religious issues broadly. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to follow all the bills we might like or which may be important to people in our community. We encourage people to visit the pages maintained by some of our strategic partners including:

Please remember that as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, LOVEboldly does not engage in lobbying and partisan politics. We choose to engage in issue-based advocacy and present our opinions here as well as links to other sources (you can find our positions on bills that we support here and the bills that we oppose here.) We encourage each person to be knowledgable about bills in the Ohio General Assembly and hope that these pages will assist in that process.

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