LOVEboldly Church
Partnership Program

The LOVEboldly Church Partnership Program aims to create strong, collaborative relationships between churches, congregations, and other groups and LOVEboldly. Each congregation and LOVEboldly agree to provide support to each other consistent with their capacity and ability. The inherent goal of the program is to develop bonds based on trust, rather than on transactions.

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LOVEboldly’s Commitments to Partner Churches

  • LOVEboldly will provide resources to partner churches including, but not limited to, its regularly scheduled slate of programs.

  • LOVEboldly will work with partner churches to create and customize trainings for the specific congregation or circumstances.

  • LOVEboldly will consult and coach with partner churches and their leadership teams as needed.

    • Full consultation processes and ongoing coaching engagements may incur other costs but will be fully discussed with individual partners seeking those services.

    • Partner churches and their ministry leaders will be given priority for scheduling consultation processes and ongoing coaching.

  • LOVEboldly will recognize partner churches on in its website and in its digital and print resources where appropriate.

    • Assuming that a partner church is affirming (“Side A”), it will be recognized as a partner church on LOVEboldly’s list of affirming churches.

Partner Churches Commitments to LOVEboldly

  • Support LOVEboldly as a mission partner with an investment of at least $100 per month ($300 quarterly, $600 bi-annually, or $1,200

  • Promote LOVEboldly and its programming to the congregation via its website, social media, bulletins, and word-of-mouth.

  • Place a link to LOVEboldly website on the congregation’s website.

  • Make available at least one opportunity per year for a LOVEboldly representative to visit the congregation and table, discuss, or preach and promote LOVEboldly.

Become a partner church!

We would love to partner with you to help your church become a place where LGBTQIA+ people can flourish! Email our Executive Director, Ben Huelskamp to become a partner!

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Church Requirements
for Participation

  1. The congregation must recognize the inherent humanity, worth, and dignity of LGBTQIA+ as created in the image and likeness of God.

  2. The congregation must not engage in or support attempts to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of LGBTQIA+ people.

  3. The congregation must be committed to working towards LGBTQIA+ people in their congregation belonging, feeling safe, and flourishing.

    • There is no “point” that the congregation must have reached or set of goals it must have achieved before becoming a partner.

Current Church Partners

Legend Community Church
Madisonville, Cincinnati, OH

Westerville Community United Church of Christ (WCUCC)
Westerville, OH
Roots and Branches
Cincinnati, OH

United Methodist Church for All People
Columbus, OH
King Avenue United Methodist Church
Columbus, OH