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Consulting & Coaching

LOVEboldly’s consulting and coaching practice is based on contextual ministry and ministry as praxis. We want to understand your motivation, context, and environment for ministry as a part of consulting, coaching, and working with you. Where possible, part of our process will be visiting your congregation or organization, seeing buildings and spaces, reviewing policies and publications, experiencing worship, talking to people in leadership, and talking to your members and visitors. While not required—consulting and coaching can be conducted completely remotely—this context is important for a strong and collaborative process.

Which one is right for you?


LOVEboldly offers a number of options for consulting with denominations, congregations, and organizations.

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LOVEboldly offers a number of options for coaching with our Executive Director, Ben Huelskamp.

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Our Consultant & Coach

LOVEboldly’s primary consultant and coach is our executive director, Dr. Ben Huelskamp. Ben is a lifelong Christian, gay man, and a veteran of over ten years in higher education leadership and administration. He holds a doctorate in educational leadership with a focus on ministry, a master’s degree in higher education administration, and a bachelor's degree in philosophy. Ben’s dissertation focused on LGBTQIA+ leaders in Christian spaces. His research interests focus on the intersection of religion and LGBTQIA+ identities as well as education and leadership. Ben is an active writer and podcast host and developer.

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