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Faith In Families

Has your child told you they’re gay or transgender? Not sure how to handle the news? Worried about what this means for your child and family?

When you find out your child is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender, it can put a strain on the entire family. You might experience a range of emotions including confusion, anger, surprise, grief, guilt, and disappointment. You may be feeling concerned for your child’s present or future well-being. You could even be wondering why this happened and if you did something wrong.

You are not alone; many families go through this. Some find this time to be slightly challenging – a mere bump in the road. Others, though, find it the most challenging thing they’ve had to face as a family. As difficult as it may seem, there is a path to peace and reconciliation.

Faith in Families is a four hour program offered by Lighthouse Youth and Family Services, in partnership with LOVEboldly. The program is designed for parents and other adult caregivers to receive support and information when their child comes out as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The program offers an opportunity to address worries and concerns and have questions answered by professional staff. Family members can expect a confidential and respectful experience. All families, regardless of belief or background, are welcome. The program is free and lunch is provided. Lunch includes a special presentation and panel discussion for families with religious questions facilitated by LOVEboldly.

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Lunch and Learn

November 07, 2019

Are you a ministry leader looking to engage more effectively, confidently, and compassionately with LGBTQ+ people, without compromising deeply held beliefs on sexuality? This training is designed to equip you to take practical steps towards loving the LGBTQ+ people in your community with a new boldness, while avoiding common pitfalls that erode relationships, harm faith communities, and damage those who identify as LGBTQ+. We will focus on adopting a missional lens towards interacting with LGBTQ+ people, with a look into the history between the church and this community, their spiritual needs, and pastoral care implications.

Pride Outreach

Empowering local churches to take an active role in repairing relationships with the LGBTQ+ community through apologizing and sharing God's love in practical ways.

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