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"A Reflection" - Wednesday Wisdom & Writing

By James Blackhall

A rainbow community

Diverse and dispersed.

Some I know well

Some I've only just met...

Nurturing and loving.

Queer and Christian

Queer and faithful.

We claim your promised rainbow.

We belong in your presence

We belong in your church

We belong in your rainbow tapestry.

You are the God of all not just a narrow group.

If you weren't our God, if you didn't shower us with love then your presence would not be among us strongly.

In one another we see you.


© James Blackhall, 2023 - For permission to repost, please contact

James Blackhall (he/him/his) is a Student Deacon in the Methodist Church of Great Britain and is in formation for The Methodist Diaconal Order (a dispersed religious order) and is particularly interested in how spirituality can be both authentically Queer and Christian. He lives in Leicester, UK, where he is involved in interfaith dialogue and lives with his partner Matthew, a Registered Nurse.


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