Help or Hindrance

How Christians can grow in being a help rather than a hindrance to the spiritual growth of our LGBTQ+ siblings

Presented February 22nd


Description of Webinar:

For LGBTQ+ people that grow up in the church, there are too many stories of pain, hurt and marginalization. Sometimes even well-meaning Christians say or do things that hurt or hinder an LGBTQ+ person's faith without realizing the pain they are causing. What if it were possible to be consistent in choosing to help LGBTQ+ people in their faith journey instead of accidentally hinder them? Join the webinar to learn more!


Our Speaker:

Aaron Munson is a licensed school counselor and a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) who provides virtual counseling for people who are struggling to reconcile their faith and their sexuality/sexual orientation. Aaron also leads a parent group for parents of LGBTQ+ kids to support them on their faith journey as they seek to love their kids well. This work is important to Aaron because he identifies as gay.

In light of his traditional sexual ethic, Aaron responded to God's prompting to enter into a mixed orientation marriage to his favorite human, Liz, and they have two incredible and curious children. Although Aaron has a traditional sexual ethic, he doesn't push others to believe the same, as he recognizes every encounter with God is different, and every person's story is unique. To that end, Aaron and Liz are both passionate about helping the church love those in the LGBTQ+ community, and making churches safe places for queer people.

Help or Hindrance? with Aaron Munson

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