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LOVEboldly's Reaction to the Passage of HB68

December 14, 2023

Dr. Ben Huelskamp on behalf of the Board and Community of LOVEboldly



December 14, 2023

Westerville, OH

Yesterday we watched, almost in disbelief, as both the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House voted to approve House Bill (HB) 68 as law in the State of Ohio. HB68 strips Transgender youth and their families of the right to receive gender-affirming care. It also bars Transgender girls and women from competing on girls and women’s sports teams. HB68 is a heinous, disgusting bill, and a major stain on the moral character of the State of Ohio. HB68 is state-sponsored bullying.

Once again elected representatives have ignored the overwelhming will of the people and have acted against the wisdom of medical professionals, scientists, legal experts, educators, pastors, the parents of Transgender youth, and many courageous Transgender youth who testified before committees and fought for their equal rights.

In our Christian tradition, shortly after Christmas we remember the Holy Innocents, children killed by a government bent on eliminating the “threat” of Jesus Christ. Not much has changed in the last two thousand years as we watch state governments including our own in Ohio target children for exclusion from safe, evidence-based health care.

Therefore, LOVEboldly calls on Governor DeWine to immediately veto HB68 and send it back to the General Assembly.

Further, LOVEboldly appeals to the morality and basic decency of each member of the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate to allow a veto to stand.

LOVEboldly remains steadfast in our belief that every person in all of their identities are created in the image of God, including Transgender people. To our Transgender siblings: we see you, we love you, we stand with you, and we will continue to fight for your rights. You are loved by God. And for the folks who still don’t want to hear it: TRANSGENDER PEOPLE ARE LOVED BY GOD.


This statement may be attributed to Dr. Ben Huelskamp, Executive Director, on behalf of the Board and Community of LOVEboldly.


This statement may be attributed to Dr. Ben Huelskamp, Executive Director, LOVEboldly;

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