Small Groups

At LOVEboldly, part of our mission is to provide spaces for LGBTQIA+ people to flourish. We’re currently offering two separate small groups to help facilitate making those spaces a reality.

LOVEboldly Small Groups Return - Update (2).png
LOVEboldly Small Groups Return - Update (2).png

LOVEboldly Small Groups

Beginning Fall 2022

LOVEboldly Small Groups will be beginning again the week of September 5th! This fall, we are offering new small groups in addition to those previously offered!

  • Queer and Allied - Led by Tyler Kronk, Julie Moore, and Ben Huelskamp

  • LGBTQIA+ Christian Bible Study - Led by Ben Huelskamp

  • LGBTQIA+ Support Group - co-sponsored with Capybara Counseling LLC and led by Allie Fridstein

  • Jonathan and David: Queer Men’s Group - Led by Ben Huelskamp

  • Parents and Caregivers of Transgender Youth (ages 4 to 18) - Led by Rachel Dew

If you are interested in joining a small group, please fill out the form below!


LGBTQIA+ Christians, there is now a Facebook group for you to stay in touch virtually! Please contact executive director, Ben Huelskamp, for more information.