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When people dare to love boldly, things happen. Here are a few examples of folks who have been blessed, challenged, and changed by the impact we make.

Kristyn Komarnicki
Director of Oriented to Love, Evangelicals for Social Action

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

LOVEboldly practices what it preaches—it boldly reaches out in love—to LGBTQ+ children of God and to their families and faith communities—so that everyone might know how precious they are to God and how desperately each one is needed in order for the Body of Christ to be complete. Their trainings, advocacy and community-building gatherings are professional, compassion-based, and effective. We’re proud to partner with LOVEboldly!

Chuck Mingo
Oakley Community Pastor, Crossroads

Cincinnati, OH

LOVEboldly provides a great environment for the Body of Christ to engage in how to love members of the LGBTQ community regardless of our theological leanings. It's been a great help to our ministry.

Brian McLaren
Celebrated Author & Activist


LOVEboldly is accomplishing pivotal reconciliation work in the conversation on faith, sexuality, and gender identity. Their efforts make safe spaces for dialogue between LGBTQ and conservative Christians alike, breaking down stereotypes that often divide us. I'm a huge fan of LOVEboldly's work and am grateful for the ways they are making space for all at the table to come with thoughtful questions, fears, and hopes, inviting us all to be more like Christ.

Cindy Asher
Gay Christian

Cincinnati, OH

LOVEboldly has truly been a faith saver for me. My journey with Jesus started at a bonfire on October 21, 1993 in my senior year of high school. I quickly began investing all my free time in ministry. Before coming out, every church and ministry I served was excited for me to put to use my education, training, and skills. Many in leadership prepared me to be a part of their leadership teams. Yet, as I started honestly wrestling with my sexual orientation and identity, what Scripture said, who God is, and more, I found that my sincere questions, and even my presence, was not welcome anymore. Suddenly, everything and everyone I had invested my life, talents, time, and money into wanted nothing to do with me. When I finally "came out" and announced my engagement to my fiancé, those who were supposed to be messengers of hope suddenly began sending me messages of hate. The church world felt like the least welcoming place to me now. My heart had lost its home.


One day last year, by God’s grace, I met Heidi in a coffee shop and she invited me to come to the LOVEboldly Bible study group in Cincinnati. To be honest, there were several months this past fall where I was very close to losing my faith because I just could not take another wound from one more "Christian". I knew God deeply loved me and I felt the same, but those "other" people were just too much handle. When the hatred I experienced nearly drowned out my belief in God’s love, LOVEboldly would shout love and hope. When friends would cut ties or just disappear, LOVEboldly came running with open arms to provide hugs and comfort.


My wife and I have found a home at LOVEboldly. Even when we don’t agree theologically, we know we are valued and loved. We are challenged in our faith and actions and have found the support we need to grow spiritually. I feel alive and safe in my own skin again.

Heather Schmiedickie
Conservative Christian Leader

Indianapolis, IN

What an amazing crew of Jesus-loving critical thinkers these people are! The conversations we had were phenomenal. This was truly a safe place for each of us (both conservatives and progressives alike), to discuss our thoughts, fears, reservations, misunderstandings, and convictions regarding faith and sexuality.

Rosario Picardo
Executive Pastor of New Church Development, Ginghamsburg Church

Tipp City, OH

I believe LOVEboldly is an asset to the local church in helping Christians around the spectrum - whether they are liberal, moderate or conservative - to think outside of their comfort zones in a safe environment while providing community, hospitality and a place for practical theological reflection.

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