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Rev. MiMi Chamberlin





Pilgrim United Church of Christ (Cincinnati, OH)

MiMi has served as Pilgrim United Church of Christ Pastor since fall 2020, as part of her journey to ordination in October 2022. Previously, she lived her ministerial calling as director of a faith-based food pantry and community ministry for 26 years. MiMi found a home in the United Church of Christ because of its inclusive welcome of all people to ordination, the marriage altar, and the communion table. She is grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow in her capacity to serve LGBTQIA+ individuals and families and sees her spiritual journey and religious participation as inextricably linked to our quest for a better world. Blessed to be mom of 4 adult children, MiMi is a candle-lighter, beach devotee, and music-lover, especially Bruce Springsteen.

Rev. MiMi Chamberlin
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