#WE All Belong


Every year, LGBTQ+ people gather for a sense of community, belonging, support, celebration, and love at Gay Prides across the world during Pride month in June.  This year, gathering is impossible. We know many LGBTQ+ people will be grieving the lost opportunity to gather, while being disproportionately and adversely affected by COVID-19. Worse, many LGBTQ+ teens are closeted or stuck in home environments that are unsafe, or facing homelessness in this tumultuous time.


These difficult moments are an opportunity for Christians to step up and change the message LGBTQ+ people have heard from us in the past.  So this year, we are partnering with My Anchor Holds to declare #WeAllBelong, sharing messages of love, encouragement, and apology to our LGBTQ+ friends.

Listen to Belong Here by My Anchor Holds.

Can you help us counter messages of…

  • Shame

  • Judgement

  • Rejection

  • Disgust

  • Humiliation

…that our LGBTQ+ friends are accustomed to hearing?

Here’s how you can help us declare #WeAllBelong
to our LGBTQ+ friends this year:
  1. Sign Your Name On The Apology Card

  2. Add a #WeAllBelong frame to your profile pic on Facebook.

  3. Download/Print the #WeAllBelong sign and write your response to counter the messages you’ve read.

  4. Post your photo or video with your sign and the hashtags #WeAllBelong #LOVEboldly or email it to us and we will post it for all to see on our channels.


Need some inspiration? 
Learn about LGBTQ+ experiences from messages left on our Pride Graffiti Walls in years past.

What would you say in response to these voices?


Post or email your sign #WeAllBelong #LOVEboldly
My anchor holds

My Anchor Holds is a husband/wife duo from Minneapolis, MN. They began playing music together in the Church, and even through a spiritual evolution over the last 15 years have remained in "Church-world." They believe the Church can be an institution of hope and restoration in the world, and at the same time they have witnessed how damaging this religion can be. Their music not only tells their own faith story, but seeks to mend what's been broken, inspire those who are drifting in their faith, and challenges people in the Church to get back to the the basics of the inclusive, radical love of Jesus. 

Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and their website.