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  • What stance does LOVEboldly take on homosexuality?
    LOVEboldly's leaders are fundamentally dedicated to honoring the dignity and humanity of all people, and loving and serving one another as Christ loved and served not just his friends, but his enemies as well. Our diversity of views has fostered an environment for us which has served well to facilitate conversation around sexuality and faith, inviting to a variety of perspectives. That said, LOVEboldly affirms the worth and dignity of LGBTQIA+ people as created in the image of God. We further affirm that LGBTQIA+ are called to marriage and all church offices (including pastor, elder, and bishop) in the same way as straight and cisgender individuals. We envision a world where LGBTQIA+ people can be safe, belong, and flourish both in the church and beyond the church.
  • Is it a sin to be LGBTQIA+? Or to be in a same-sex relationship?
    No. LOVEboldly rejects the position that being LGBTQIA+ or being in a same-gender relationship, including sexual relationships, is sinful. That said, Christians have varying perspectives on how to interpret what Scripture says about standards for sexual behavior and gender identity. We leave room for people to disagree about these standards. Each of us must discern our perspective on these issues with spiritual and intellectual faithfulness. We encourage folks who are undecided to wrestle through the confusion and to make it a matter of prayer. However, no matter our diversity on faithful Christian standards for sexual behavior and gender identity, we maintain that sexual orientation and gender identity are not inherently sinful. LOVEboldly welcomes honest discussion and conversation, but we will not engage with people who deny the humanity and existence of LGBTQIA+ people.
  • Does LOVEboldly have a hidden agenda?
    No. The LOVEboldly team has no agenda to "make" LGBTQIA+ folks straight or cisgender. We also have no interest in persuading you to revise your theological views on sexuality and gender identity. That said, we are working for a church and for a world where LGBTQIA+ can be safe, belong, and flourish. If that challenges your theological or ethical views, we want to be in conversation with you.
  • What does LOVEboldly think about reparative therapy?
    Sexual orientation change efforts (SOCEs) are a form of torture and are based in junk science. Therefore, LOVEboldly categorically rejects SOCEs including, but not limited to reparative "therapy," conversion "therapy," and “praying the gay away.”
  • Does LOVEboldly represent a denomination? Do I have to be part of that denomination to participate or utilize LOVEboldly's resources?
    LOVEboldly neither represents nor speaks for any denomination. We are intentionally interdenominational and work with congregations and people from many traditions. In fact one does not need to be a Christian in order to utilize our resources or be a part of our community. While LOVEboldly exists to create spaces where LGBTQIA+ people can flourish in Christianity, we welcome the partnership and participation of people who identify with any faith, religion, spirituality, or belief system including secular systems. The only requirements LOVEboldly insists on are a respect for the beliefs of others (even if they are not our own) and moving toward communities which celebrate and affirm the identities of each person equitably. Remember what Dr. Cornel West said about love: "Tenderness is what love looks like in private. Justice is what love looks like in public."
  • Why does LOVEboldly engage in organizing and advocacy?
    The ministry of Jesus Christ was anything but passive. We model our advocacy and organizing and our engagement with public theology on Jesus' example. As Christians we are compelled to bring our faith into the public square. LOVEboldly is actively engaged work in our own advocacy and we work in collaboration with organizations such as Honesty for Ohio Education, Equality Ohio, Faith in Public Life, and the Ohio Council of Churches among others. That said, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, LOVEboldly neither engages in partisan politics nor do we lobby elected leaders.
  • I'm a member of the press or media, how do I request a comment from LOVEboldly?
    Thank you for your interest in speaking to a member of the LOVEboldly team. Please click here to access our press and media page.
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