Does LOVEboldly have a hidden agenda?

No. The LOVEboldly team has no agenda to make LGBTQIA+ folks straight, cisgender or to push a “gay agenda” on the church. We also have no interest in persuading you to revise your theological views on sexuality & gender identity. Our leaders, volunteers, and community are made up of a healthy mix of both LGBTQIA+ folks and straight folks, both conservatively-minded and progressively-minded alike. Some of our LGBTQIA+ leaders are out and proud in marriages or relationships with a same-sex partner, and some feel called to celibacy or to heterosexual marriage. Some identify as LGBTQIA+ and others prefer different identity descriptors like "same-sex attracted". Some of our straight leaders are affirming, and some maintain the conservative/traditional Biblical view on sexuality & gender identity. We believe our differences create opportunities for us all to grow in Christlikeness. Regardless of our theological differences, we strive to be actively growing in our lives faith, involved in our churches and faith communities, and taking great personal risks in our spiritual communities and our closest relationships to try to bring a message that is balanced, rooted in a robust Christology, and challenging stereotypes.

What stance does LOVEboldly take on homosexuality?

The leadership team at LOVEboldly is comprised of individuals with a variety of theological viewpoints on sexuality. We each endeavor to be thoughtful and prayerful as we discern God's will, but we have inevitably landed in different "camps" - probably much like you and your friends, family members, and community! Our leaders are fundamentally dedicated to honoring the dignity and humanity of all people, and loving and serving one another as Christ loved and served not just his friends, but his enemies as well. Our diversity of views has fostered an environment for us which has served well to facilitate conversation around sexuality and faith, inviting to a variety of perspectives. Some of our leaders, volunteers, and community members have opted to speak openly and publicly about personal convictions in these divisive conversations. Others have opted to hold their views privately, either out of deference for people we love, or out of our own desire to have the same time and space to work through our internal conflicts which we offer to all who enter our community. Unless otherwise specified, any views expressed by those in our community or leadership should be interpreted as views held by each person individually, rather than as characterizing the organizational as a whole.

What does LOVEboldly think about reparative therapy?

LOVEboldly does not promote sexual orientation change efforts (SOCEs) such as reparative therapy for two main reasons: 1) We do not believe that modifying or changing sexual orientation is necessary for growing in discipeship. 2) We are very concerned by the results we most often see from SOCEs in our friends and fellow believers. Many folks have been shamed and harmed through organizations which promote and provide reparitive therapy. We are sorry that directing sexual minorities to reparative therapy programs has been the over-arching witness of the church to the LGBTQIA+ community, and we believe we can and must do better than this. You can read some thoughts about this from our President and Founder here. LOVEboldly is ever striving to support each person in their quest to reconcile their faith and sexual orientation as God leads, while encouraging each person to considering carefully the possible physical, emotional, and spiritual risks/benefits of any intervention. We encourage folks to make careful and thoughtful decisions about how to honor God, themselves, and others as they navigate tough decisions in their spiritual and sexual lives. As an organization, LOVEboldly endeavors to be a friend, supporter, and encourager to each person, no matter where they may be in their journey or how they have chosen to reconcile their Christian faith and sexuality.

Is it a sin to be LGBTQIA+? Or to be in a same-sex relationship?

Christians have varying perspectives on how to interpret what Scripture says about standards for sexual behavior & gender identity. We leave room for people to disagree about these standards and we do not take an organizational stance on this. Each of us must personally seek God’s perspective on these issues with spiritual and intellectual faithfulness. We encourage folks who are undecided to wrestle through the confusion and to make it a matter of prayer. However, no matter our diversity on faithful Christian standards for sexual behavior & gender identity, we maintain that sexual orientation is not inherently sinful. You can read some thoughts on this from our President & Founder here.

What's your comment policy for online dialogue?

At LOVEboldly we embrace controversy, dissenting opinions and even a good debate now and then. However, we also value civility, kindness, and respect. Therefore, please feel free to share your opinion, but keep it constructive, considerate, and civilized. No bullies allowed. Don't check your convictions at the door, but try to comment with an open heart and listening ears when possible. If you choose to be rude we will delete your comment. Do so consistently and we will ban you. We never allow name-calling, divisiveness, or character attacks towards LOVEboldly, members of the leadership team, volunteers, community members, or fellow commenters.

What is LOVEboldly's Belief Statement?

We are deeply persuaded that agreement with one another’s political, theological, or philosophical perspectives is not essential for moving towards loving one another boldly. Some beliefs, however, are essential to our faith as Christians. Therefore, as an organization, we declare: 1. We believe in one God the Almighty maker of heaven and earth and Lord of all things, seen and unseen. 2. We believe God is all-loving and is intimately involved in our lives. 3. We believe in the death, burial, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, through which we are reconciled to God, ourselves, and one another. 4. We believe that Christ will return and reign forever. 5. We believe that a faithful Christian life is one submitted to the Lordship of Jesus. 6. We believe that it is only the Holy Spirit that can bring about transformation and lasting growth in the lives of individuals and communities. 7. We believe in the Bible as the true narrative account of God’s nature, will, and interaction with humanity. 8. We believe all people are created in the image of God and therefore should be treated with dignity, kindness, and respect.

What are LOVEboldly's Core Values?

God moved into our neighborhood and befriended us while we were still God’s enemies. In an attempt to model God’s self-sacrificial love, demonstrated in the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Christ, we dedicate ourselves towards living the following values. Offensive Sanctuary: We will not exclude anyone from the table or from the conversation, no matter how inglorious their presence may be. Treasonous Friendship: We will not permit personal or communal loyalties to ideology, labels, or tribes to prevent us from befriending each other. Conflicted Conviction: We will not trample over or ridicule each other’s beliefs, even though they make us wildly uncomfortable. Subversive Listening: We will not ignore or invalidate each other’s stories, knowing that to listen is to invite change in the world’s systems and in ourselves. Narrative Honesty: We will not shy away from honoring truth wherever it is found. Insolent Kindness: We will not fail to be good to each other, always honoring the dignity and inherent worth of every human being. Obstinate Loyalty: We will not give up on or dismiss each other, no matter how angry a conversation makes us.