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Press Inquires

All press inquires and requests for comments should be directed to LOVEboldly's executive director, Rev. Dr. Ben Huelskamp, at the contact information listed below. Dr. Huelskamp prefers to receive inquires from the media via email with a brief description of the story or piece, reporter's name, organization, and best contact information. In the event of a breaking story or time sensitive matter, please utilize the LOVEboldly office line. 


Phone: (614) 918-8109

LOVEboldly Media and Branding

Name of the Organization: LOVEboldly

Legal Name: LOVEboldly, Inc.

  • In print, LOVEboldly should always have "LOVE" in caps and "boldly" lowercase.

  • "LoveBoldly," "loveboldly," "loveBOLDLY," and "LOVEBOLDLY" are incorrect, except in logos.

Icons and Logos
Executive Director Headshots

Photo Credit: NV Gay, Mx. Gay Photography

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