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"Ordinary Prophets" - Monday Moment - November 1, 2021

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Happy Monday, Friends!

My favorite Bible verse comes from the often ignored Book of Numbers. Growing up in Catholic schools, we were taught that Numbers was nothing more than a census. Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this verse: "Would that all God's people be prophets and that God had put God's spirit upon them" (Numbers 11:29).

Each one of us is called to be a prophet in some way. In the work of LOVEboldly we are prophets to conservative/traditionalist Christians struggling to reconcile their beliefs with the call to love and include LGBTQ+ people and we are prophets to LGBTQ+ Christians yearning for a safe and inclusive space in their churches and in their faith.

Let us pray: Hey God, it's us. Make us prophets of your love for all your people. Give us the grace to welcome people even if we disagree with them. Kindle our love for the people who make us uncomfortable. Help us be your hands in the world. May your voice be the loudest in every room. In your many names we pray. Amen.




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