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"Tell me what you see" - Wednesday Wisdom and Writing

By Megan Inwards


look at my broken fingers

And the bruises around my neck.

Hear the rasp of my voice.

Put your hand into

the hole in my side

Where I tried to prove my devotion.

Justice is not blind.

you just cover your eyes

when you walk past me.

How can you offer a cure

Without sitting at my bedside?

I have sacrificed dove and lamb,

Cattle and grain.

At your request I burnt them again and again;

But then—

Your name is not holy.

I’m finished with begging.

Look at me and

Tell me what you see and

Let the answer echo back to you.


© Megan Inwards, 2023 - For permission to repost, please contact

Megan Inwards (she/her/hers) is a poet and Queer Christian. You can find her work on Instagram at @wonderfullyqueerlymade and @meganinwards.


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