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"The Longest Wave Length" - Wednesday Wisdom and Writing

By Megan Inwards

You rubbed mud in your eyes

Since the world was too bright

And you couldn’t make out

What was wrong, what was right

But now your whole vision

Is just black and white.

You forget you were washed

In bright crimson blood,

Or that blindness was healed

In orange caked mud

And see not the beauty

Of a gold flower-bud.

The green of the Jordan

Where we were baptized,

The heavenly blue

Of the oceans and skies,

The purple of royalty,

Our king and prize.

Love’s light refracted

On my newborn skin,

But colors you fear

So you just called it sin,

Hard heart and ears blocked

So my song won’t get in.


© Megan Inwards, 2023 - For permission to repost, please contact

Megan Inwards (she/her/hers) is a poet and Queer Christian. You can find her work on Instagram at @wonderfullyqueerlymade and @meganinwards.


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