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"Walking on Water" - Monday Moment - October 30, 2023

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Happy Monday, my friends! This week we continue[1] drawing inspiration from Bishop Gene Robinson and the lessons he has learned during over 50 years of ministry. Gene says, “Number two, in my tradition, Jesus is famous for walking on water, but then you might expect that of Jesus. The real surprise in that story is that Peter also walked on water until he lost the faith to do so. Jesus taught that we are all meant to walk on water, all of us. But here's the hitch, you can't walk on water unless you step out of the boat you're comfortable in. Uncertainty, risk, and sometimes danger are required in making any real contributions to humankind. So, if you plan to make a difference in the world, buckle up.”

Queer people know something about getting out of our comfort zones. The process of coming out puts us in sometimes uncomfortable, potentially dangerous, circumstances even if we’ve been out for years. Coming out is an act of living truth. In many ways it’s one of the greatest ways to leave one’s comfort zone. But here’s the difference: the closet is not a “comfort” zone. The closet is dark, suffocating, and bleak. Coming out is an act of liberation and an act of great faith. Life outside the closet is an undiscovered country,[2] a place closeted LGBTQIA+ people dream about, but can never fully know until they reach it. For some people it is nothing more than one step; for others it is the end of everything they knew.

It is one thing to get out of our comfort zones, but it’s quite another thing to walk on water. Leaving what is routine and safe can be challenging, but we can plan it out and know what we will gain. We walk on water when we recognize everything we gained from leaving the boat; everything we never knew we’d find and experience. It doesn’t matter if everyone or anyone thinks our risk was particularly significant and it doesn’t matter if we feel like we’re sinking. We took a risk, we accomplished a goal, something changed deep within us, something is no longer the same.[3]

What comfort zones are you living in? What could be your moment of walking on water?

Let us pray: Dear Jesus you walked on water and convinced Peter he could too. Bless us as we step out of the boats of our comfort zones and embrace the waves and the waters of unknown and undreamt realities. Steady us as we walk on water and come towards your grace because we know our lives have changed and are changing. We ask this all in your name. Amen.

Blessings on your weeks, my friends. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.



[1] Several new folks have joined the distribution list for Monday Moments recently. If you missed the last two installments or want to check out any of the past essays (there’s over 100 now), visit [2] Yes, I’m totally quoting Star Trek. [3] And, yes, now I’m quoting Wicked.


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