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Press Release - LOVEboldly's Reaction to House Override Vote

Dr. Ben Huelskamp on Behalf of LOVEboldly

Jan 10, 2024


January 10, 2024

Westerville, OH

In yet another stunning, though entirely expected act of hubris, the Ohio House of Representatives voted to override Governor Mike DeWine’s veto of House Bill 68 which bans gender-affirming care for Transgender youth and blocks Transgender girls and women from participation in interscholastic athletics on girls and women’s teams.

Throughout the debate on HB68 and bills like it in the past, appeals on both sides have been made to religion, faith, and God. What has become glaringly apparent in recent weeks is that far from rooting their support in faith or the will of God, proponents of HB68 are only interested in being part of a larger national narrative which uses fear and shame to assume and maintain power. Their hunger for that power alone compels their actions.

Lest this false narrative take root, LOVEboldly reminds Ohioans that HB68 and the medical care of Transgender people of any age is not a partisan issue. We stand together with people of many party affiliations, political ideologies, and religious backgrounds who have and will continue to oppose HB68 and all other measures targeting the Transgender community.

LOVEboldly urges the Ohio Senate to lead where the Ohio House has failed to lead and to reject the override of Governor DeWine’s veto when it comes to their chamber. There is still time for Ohio to do better and to truly be an affirming and inclusive home for everyone.


This statement may be attributed to Dr. Ben Huelskamp, Executive Director of LOVEboldly, on behalf of the LOVEboldly Board of Directors and LOVEboldly Community.

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