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About Us


The Problem

The church has earned a reputation for being anti-LGBTQIA+. In some cases, the church has been openly hostile to LGBTQIA+ people, treating them like outcasts rather than siblings and children of God. In other cases, the church has remained silent rather than follow the example of Jesus.  As a result, LGBTQIA+, straight, and cisgender Christians have left the church or have given up on their faith because they feel unsafe, unable to engage sincere questions, and unwelcome from communities where they can authentically grow in their faith. 

The church can do better.
WE can do better.

Who We Are


LOVEboldly exists to create and develop spaces where LGBTQIA+ people can flourish in Christianity.



A world where all LGBTQIA+ people can belong, feel safe, and flourish. 


We are an affirming organization, but we do not require those we work with to hold a specific theology, sexual ethic, or denominational affiliation. We are an interdenominational organization.


We are deeply persuaded that agreement with one another’s political and theological perspectives is not essential for moving towards loving one another boldly. LOVEboldly, therefore, does not require adherence to a set creed, statement of belief, or faith perspective beyond modeling our actions after those of Jesus. 


Centered in our understanding of the person of Jesus, who consistently affirmed the worth and dignity of every human being, LOVEboldly is dedicated to confronting and resisting racism. As an organization with an predominantly white staff and board, we confess that our blindness and lack of action has caused further harm to our BIPOC neighbors, including our BIPOC LGBTQIA+ siblings.


We are in the process of revising our full anti-racism statement and commitment to reflect changes and challenges in our world and changes within LOVEboldly. As soon as the statement is complete and approved by our board it will be added to this part of our website.


As a small team with limited resources, our work is currently focused on the State of Ohio. This focus is essential for our momentum and success. Our aim is to create thriving communities in this focused area to export to other cities around the country.

That said, our trainings and consulting are available anytime and anywhere. If you’re interested in scheduling time to talk or bringing a LOVEboldy seminar to your area, let us know!

"LOVEboldly has truly been a faith saver for me. When the hatred I experienced nearly drowned out my belief in God’s love, LOVEboldly would shout love and hope. When friends would cut ties or just disappear, LOVEboldly came running with open arms to provide hugs and comfort. My wife and I have found a home at LOVEboldly. Even when we don’t agree theologically, we know we are valued and loved. We are challenged in our faith and actions and have found the support we need to grow spiritually. I feel alive and safe in my own skin again."

Cindy Asher

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