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Virtual Pride Wall

In years past, LOVEboldly has set up Graffiti Walls at Pride parades for LGBTQ+ people to share their stories of hurt, rejection, love & acceptance from the church & their families. These walls have served as reminders to other LGBTQ+ that they are not alone in their experiences & as examples to non-LGBTQ+ people of the joy, pain & hope that LGBTQ+ people experience. Though we can't have our typical Pride walls this year, we wanted to create a way for you to share your experiences with others as a way to encourage and inspire compassion.

Each week of Pride month, we asked a question for LGBTQ+ folks to answer - the video below is a compilation of these responses! Thank you to everyone who shared, read and engaged with these questions. We are so thankful for your vulnerability & pray that these responses would inspire compassion & change in the church!

This Pride month, we recognize the pain that many LGBTQ+ people have experienced at the hands of their family members and the church. We apologize, mourn with you and commit to do better. 

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