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Rainbow UA

Rainbow UA’s mission is to create community, provide support, and share resources for LGBTQIA+ families and individuals in Upper Arlington.

Founded in 2021, Rainbow UA has Demonstrated Strong Community Success.

  • Passage of a non-discrimination ordinance in Upper Arlington. 

  • Rainbow UA 

    members attended advocacy training and were key participants in letter writing and public testimony of personal experiences to achieve this result.

  • Outreach Events linking 20+ Upper Arlington families to Central Ohio organizations providing LGBTQI resources and programming such as Kaleidoscope youth programming and Equitas Health services.

  • Donation drive organized for Kaleidoscope with 30 boxes of donations from over 20 Rainbow UA members.

  • Rainbow UA AIDS Walk Event in support of AIDS Walk Ohio with 25+ walkers/families raising over $3,000 in donations to Equitas Health.

  • Power Panel Discussion focusing on intersectionality of the Black and LGBTQ+ Community to support Black History Month 

  • Let’s Learn Together: The Black Queer Family Experience Discussion featured in the Columbus Dispatch

  • UA Pride Events

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